January 2013

January 16, 2013
These Teazles grew wonderful ice crystals overnight.

These Teazles grew wonderful ice crystals overnight.

Ice crystals/ Teazle

Ice crystals/ Teazle

December 2012

December 16, 2012

Here’s two more photos of the canopy.

Inside - looking up.

Inside – looking up.


We've added an extra frill to fill it out a bit more.

We’ve added an extra frill to fill it out a bit more.

2012 at Breathing Space

November 12, 2012

Snowy Yin and Yang garden ’12




Snowy Yin Yang garden in February. We created this bed last year and it looks so great in the snow.

pruning the bower

Pruning the bower on a crisp January day. It always takes quite a few days to do and if the weather is favourable then it makes the process easier.


New Beds in B B garden

In March we made some new raised beds and rabbit fenced this fairly small area.

Ashtree flower tree walk

In April Tony Spiers led a tree identification walk in Stanmer Park which turned out to be really popular. We finished at Breathing Space for refreshments and story telling. During the walk we looked at tree flowers which are extraordinarily beautiful when seen close up.


This is a female Broad Bodied Chaser dragonfly. She’d just emerged on a rather cold, damp May day and settled on Suzi’s hand.

starting work on temporary structure

Also in May we started work on making a temporary shelter beyond the willow bower. At the moment its a ring of posts but the canopy can be strung up there to create shelter from showers. This winter some woven walls from ash saplings will be constructed to provide a wind break.

University students Sculpture at Breathing Space

In June a workshop was held for students from Brighton University as an end of term/ sculpture session. Brething Space was festooned with art works for a while.

Red Campion Daisies

Because of so much rain in May/ June the growth was very lush. The wild flower meadow looked good – these are Red Campion, Crosswort and Oxeye Daisies.

Caterpillar July 2012

In July there were quite a few caterpillars munching on the lush growth. This is an Eyed Hawk Moth disguising itself very well on the willow of the Yin Yang garden.

Mayor at Breathing Space Open Day 2012

Also in July we participated in the Stanmer Organics Open Day. At Breathing Space we offered story telling, face painting and refreshments. We also had a visit from the Mayor and his wife.

Felting at the Wild Star Gathering

In August the Wild star Gathering held workshops in the bower. This is felt making on a hot day – the shade was very welcome.

Butterfly Garden

This is the Bee and Butterfly garden in August – it had lots of visitors ( of the pollinater kind especially )

Red Hanging Wild Star 2012

Alanna wrote this poem about her experince of the workshop. In it she mentions the art works that she’s donated to Breathing Space.


The Breathing Space

The contemplative essence of our felted pieces

Made in tranquility bathed in caressing

And quiet conversation

Are hung in a healing circle

Where evolving ideas find natural harmony

Our breath flows into their creation

To bring delight to future generations

In gratitude I donate

To the Breathing Space a meditative bowl

That offers blue glass, stone, shell

Wood and a three pronged nite light

And a driftwood tree

Making broken things whole

lords & Ladies

In September the berries began to appear. Here is Lords and Ladies found in the Foxglove corner.

Flowers from B & B Garden

October and there are still a few flowers from the B & B garden.


This canopy for the willow bower will be very helpful on rainy days.




January 2, 2012

January- We coppiced some of the hazel trees on site and made a dry hedge with the prunings. Dry hedges make great habitat for wildlife.

February- This is the Wildlife Hotel made for Seedy Sunday ’11 from natural materials grown at Breathing Space.

March- we turned the nest/storytelling area into a Yin/yang garden-this is it nearly finished.

April- the Willow Bower greening up

April- we put weed mat and wood chip inside the bower – it’s better for sitting on (especially when the weathers wet)

May- the honeysuckle was glorious this year.

June- Foxglove corner

June- Mint beetle visiting the Oxeye daisies

July – the Spidery Afternoon

July – the Spidery Afternoon

August- the Yin/yang garden growing pumpkins

August – the bees love Echinops which loves growing on the chalky soil.

September- compost revealed

October- the Yin/yang garden yielded some fine pumpkins.

October – on volunteers day we moved the Wildlife Hotel to a new and sunnier site.

October – volunteers making habitat for lacewings.

November – and all is still quite green.

December- the Willow Bower with its winter colour.



October 25, 2010


Many plants are dying down now in readiness for their Winter rest.

Sculpture by the pond

Willow bower

Willow seat

Entrance to Breathing Space


October 25, 2010


Fleur told stories on the theme of the Autumn Equinox.

Since there’s a wonderful abundance of berries this year we made a Yin Yang mandala after the story session..

Also some stunning colours as the leaves turn. The last meditation was in this month. The next one will be in April 2011.


Spindle berries.

Cosmos and raindrops

In the park on the way to Breathing Space.


Summer Medley

September 1, 2010

Here at last is a summer medley of photos. I’m sorry for the delay in putting these onto the blog but hope your enjoyment will be all the keener for having to wait. The Open day was successful there’s some photos to follow later.


There was an abundance of Cosmos , Sunflowers and wild flowers. We had a lovely afternoon with stories from Pat Bowen and afterwards made some splendid dragonflies.


1.The willow seat – the Love in the Mist were late blooming but never the less very welcome.

2.Beautiful dragonflies from the storytelling/dragonfly afternoon.

3.The wild carrot has a tiny dark pink flower in the middle to guide pollinating insects into the landing pad

4.Late summer, late afternoon light in the woods near to Breathing Space.


Here’s a few photos from the Open Day in July.

They were taken by Irene Mensah. Fleurs’ storytelling attracted many visitors to enjoy her stories in the cool of the bower.

The wedding bower

It’s a bit trickey lighting the Storm kettle sometimes.

Fleur, our storyteller

Lots of folk came by to enjoy the space.


June bought forth an abundance of growth on the willow , many oxeye daisies and other wild flowers despite the drought.

1. Entrance to Breathing Space with Oxeye Daisies

2. Oxeye Daisies

3. Inside the bower

4. Here’s a reminder of the glorious sight of the central reservation along the Lewes road in June leading to Stanmer Park.


May 31, 2010

May has been gloriously sunny most of the time but since there’s been little rain I’ve been watering the more vulnerable plants such as the new willow and wild flower seeds I’ve planted.
Considering the lack of rain it’s all greening up very well as you can see from these photos.

The leaves on the willow grow rapidly during late Spring and early summer months.
Here’s a friend with the bower to give an idea of scale.

The willow seat started growing so rapidly that I couldn’t find time to keep up with the   weaving. Hence its quite a low seat.

Pond and bower in the background.

There’s been many dragonflies swooping around the pond this May. Here’s a photo of a dragonfly larvae case that’s just been vacated by the adult.


April 29, 2010

April has been a time of scurrying around trying to finish off all the wintery type jobs that I hoped to to have done by now. Its such a joy to be welcoming back all the shrubs , trees and wild flowers as they begin to appear and a wonderful confirmation that they didn’t die during the harsh winter.
Here’s some pics …..
The meditation started again in April and got off to a good start.

1.  The Willow Bower beginning to green up.

2. Its been a long wait for the blossom this year but certainly worth it.
This blackthorn couldn’t get any more flowers on if it tried.

4. I’ve finished the living willow chair – just waiting for it to sprout now.

3. Welcome back to these lovely little Heartsease. I hope to do some seed gathering from them this year.


March 31, 2010



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